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Masyu Or Not is the same as Masyu but with extra rules. Some cells are grey with a thick border. The loop may not pass through these greyed-out cells.

Can you solve it? 24 hour puzzle people | Science | The Guardian

Grey circles must also be passed through by the loop, but may not behave like black or white circles. This example is considered hard, solvable by the best in 6mins 15secs.

If you like this type of puzzle, and you fancy spending a 24 hours solving them in a competitive environment, I know just who you can call! I set a puzzle here every two weeks on a Monday. If you would like to suggest one, email me.

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If you like Masyu or want some simpler ones to practice , I include several in Puzzle Ninja , my book about Japanese logic puzzles. The prize is a trip to a Premier League game and your story published by the Guardian. For more details click here. The last date for entries is May Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Topics Mathematics Alex Bellos's Monday puzzle. Logic puzzles. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Mothers will hide in dark corners, hoping their children don't spot them for five seconds. You will find children zombie-like fingers on their Gameboy consoles or draped over a couch watching tv. You do something smart, very smart about it.

You need to be armed with a bevvy of options - hiking, trekking, errands, spring cleaning, grandparents and puzzles. Puzzles that confound, confuse and make those brain cells work happily.

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Quirky problems that make the hours seem like minutes and make the 'summer vacationer' look like a dog with a bone. Puzzles of every sort spread over many geographical spots around the world can be found at the turn of a page. Charming illustrations by Archana Sreenivasan further set the fun tone of the book.

Little Kulture had the opportunity to pick author Pooja Lulla's brain on how she came up with the idea of a puzzle book that taught Geography on the side. We expected a pocket book of puzzles, but what got delivered was an A4 size, full-colour book choc-a-bloc with puzzles. Written by a Mensa certified scholar, the problems in this book describe situations that are unusual or even bizarre, and which defy any attempt to find a ready explanation.

Look deeper, however, and it becomes clear that the puzzles are Loopy Logic Problems and Other Puzzles. A treat for the eye as well as the mind, these beautifully designed and intellectually A treat for the eye as well as the mind, these beautifully designed and intellectually stimulating challenges were created by one of the world's most innovative puzzle makers.

Ivan Moscovich presents eighty-five intriguing visual puzzles, each sprinkled with fascinating popular Puzzles and Words 2. A second quirky dictionary and puzzle book in one pocket-sized volume Word nerds and puzzle This sudoku puzzle book has been created for fun for all ages and can be This sudoku puzzle book has been created for fun for all ages and can be played by children, adults and senior citizens alike - suitable for all sudoku puzzle lovers!

Perfect for stimulating the mind and improving reasoning skills, this book Samurai Sudoku: Volume 3: puzzles.

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Bored of Sudoku? Looking for something new? This book is the new challenge you are